Online Counseling

Thinking about starting therapy, but unsure if you are ready to commit? Finding a time when you can leave work, school, your family, and other responsibilities to make a weekly appointment sounds impossible. You live in a small community and can't find any therapists who can give you the kind of support you need. You want someone who understands your particular issues and identities. There are many reasons why people seek out online counseling. Read more to see if having your therapy sessions online is a good fit for you!


Therapy That meets you where you are

Starting therapy can be intimidating and overwhelming. Online therapy can help ease the discomfort of meeting someone new in an unfamiliar place. Our sessions can take place anywhere you feel comfortable--in your home, at the office, wherever you feel safe.

Online sessions are conducted through a secure, HIPAA-compliant video platform that you can access from your browser without downloading any kind of software or needing any special equipment. You can access our session via the unique URL on your desktop or laptop computer, or you can use your smartphone. We can even schedule live chat or audio sessions when you don't have access to a webcam, or simply to supplement our live video sessions.

Therapy that fits your lifestyle

Finding a regular time each week where you can take time off work, away from the kids, or travel across the city can be extremely challenging, especially when many therapists offer office hours that are during the typical workday. At some of the bigger clinics, you may only be able to schedule one appointment at a time, and finding an opening that works with your schedule may mean you only get to see your therapist once a month, or less! Online sessions allow more flexibility for you to find a time that works for you and that allows you to meet with your therapist on a consistent, regular basis. This means you can schedule a session during your lunch break, before you leave for work in the morning, at night once the kids are in bed—and without the need to book a recurring appointment time in the office every week, we can be flexible with how often we decide to meet.