Therapy for Anxiety

Anxiety has taken over your life. At this point, you don’t even know what it would feel like if you weren’t anxious. It seems like it’s a part of who you are…but a really annoying, screwed up part. The anxiety is there the moment you wake up, if it even lets you fall asleep! Thinking about all of the things you need to do that day weighs so heavy on you, you can’t even get out of bed some days. Anxiety shows up at work, making you have crazy thoughts about your coworkers and supervisors judging you and worry about losing your job. 


what doesn’t work

You’ve tried all the things people tell you to do — ignoring the anxiety just seems to make it worse, pretending it’s isn’t there doesn’t work, and pushing through sometimes leaves you with a splitting headache and feeling so exhausted you can’t leave your bed for days. Sometimes you have a few minutes of reprieve, feeling happy for a moment or enjoying a small success, but then the anxiety comes rushing back in, leaving you feeling disappointed and tired. You try to tell yourself that things will get better after this deadline is met, after that holiday is over, once you’ve finished that house project on your to-do list for the last year…but it seems impossible to imagine the anxiety will actually go away. 

what therapy can do for you

We’re here to tell you: Don’t give up — there actually IS something you can do about your anxiety. While we may not be able to completely make your anxiety go away, therapy can help you learn ways of relating to your anxiety that make it less exhausting, less tiring, and less frustrating. You can feel more accepting towards yourself and the way your life is, and wake up each day with less dread and more contentment. We’ll help you learn valuable tools to manage your anxiety in the moment so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming and all-consuming, and help you learn ways to regulate your moods over time so you’re less vulnerable to falling into anxiety’s clutches.

If you’re ready to change the way you relate to your anxiety and finally get some relief, contact us now to schedule a free phone consult or set up an intake appointment.