Learning to Live With Anxiety - Part Three: How to Approach With Control

You’ve decided that this is a situation where avoiding your anxiety is going to make things worse. You need to tackle the problem in front of you and face it head on—how do you do this while managing the overwhelming panic and worst case scenarios. Let’s walk through some options together.

Learning to Live With Anxiety - Part Two: How to Skillfully Avoid

You’re feeling anxious, but you know it’s not the right time to deal with the situation right now. Things are out of your control, there’s nothing you can do, or this is way outside of your comfort zone to handle it alone. You’ve decided to avoid, but…now what? I’ll give you a run down of a few scenarios where you might choose to avoid, and walk you through options for coping skills.

Learning to Live with Anxiety - Part One: Avoid or Approach?

While you may not be able to get rid of anxiety forever, there are many ways to live with your anxiety more effectively and prevent it from getting in the way of your life and your happiness. This series on dealing with anxiety will help you learn when to approach or avoid your fears, and how to do so in a skillful, effective way.

Finding a Therapist

Finding a therapist in Minneapolis can be a daunting task. You need to find someone who has expertise with the problems you want help, while also making sure their personality and style is a good fit for you. Read these tips for things to consider and questions to ask potential therapists.