Six Different Types of Grounding Exercises for Anxiety & Intense Emotions

When we're in the middle of an anxiety attack or flashback, our frontal lobe goes out the window. It feels impossible to focus or think clearly about anything. Grounding is a great tool for coping with this and other intense emotions, when we need something to help us come back to the present moment, calm our bodies and our minds down, and figure out our next steps.

Why Most People Misunderstand Feeling Alone

You feel alone. Empty. No one in your life really gets you or understands what you're going through. Feeling alone can be so isolating, especially when people in your life don't seem to understand what you mean by "feeling alone"...How can you feel alone when I'm right here? they might ask. How can you feel alone when you are surrounded by people? There are several reasons feeling alone is hard for others to understand.

What Are Your Emotions Telling You?

Emotions can be overwhelming at times, confusing, complicated--it's hard to understand what we are feeling, let alone figure out what to do next. Follow these steps to guide yourself through a process of bringing mindful awareness to your emotions, figure out what is underneath them, and identify your options for what to do next. BONUS! Download our "What is my emotion telling me?" worksheet for extra help.

How to Cope at a Party When Anxiety is Your Plus-One

Being invited to a social gathering when you have anxiety can be a nightmare. Who will be there? What should I bring? What do I say? What if no one talks to me? What if someone does talk to me? Whether you are meeting your significant others' friends for the first time, attending a work party, or just getting together with a group of friends, having a plan for coping with your anxiety is essential to surviving.

Finding a Therapist

Finding a therapist in Minneapolis can be a daunting task. You need to find someone who has expertise with the problems you want help, while also making sure their personality and style is a good fit for you. Read these tips for things to consider and questions to ask potential therapists.