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Feeling like nothing you've tried is working? Sometimes your mind feels like it's on overdrive, thinking and feeling too many things at once. You give too much and receive almost nothing in the end. You're afraid of letting people know certain aspects of yourself, fearing that if they got to know the real you, they wouldn't love or accept you. It's hard not to give up.

We can help you become more mindful and in control of your emotions and choices in life to help you break out of negative patterns. Don't stay stuck in what isn't working!


adolescents + young adults

Worried that you don't fit in? Finding that you get along better with adults than people your age? You can't connect with people and you don't know why. Maybe your unique way of identifying your gender, sexuality, or relationships makes it even harder.

We can work together to help you feel more confident in yourself and find relationships and people that are awesome for you. Learn how to cope with your feelings and find your place in the world.


for parents

Coping with your teen's emotional or behavior problems is hard work. Some days you aren't sure what you're doing and things begin to feel hopeless. You worry what will happen to your teen when they grow up.

Our parent consultation &  training sessions will help you gain valuable parenting tools, increase your confidence, and help you stay calm & effective with your teen.