For Parents

You aren't given a handbook for parenting your child with intense emotions. Some days, it can feel hopeless. You worry you are making things worse but aren't sure what to do.


parent consultation & training

Your teen struggles with anxiety, depression, or just managing their emotions and you're worried they might turn to risky or dangerous behaviors to cope with their feelings.  Maybe they're already in therapy or counseling, but you aren't sure how you can support them at home. It's so hard to know what will work with your teen and sometimes anything you try just seems to make things worse! 

You have your own issues, and you want to break the cycle of harmful and ineffective parenting you received as a child. Parent consultation and training sessions will provide you with helpful tools and strategies you can apply at home to see real, positive results in your teen or child. We can help you feel happier and more confident in the way you parent, learn how to be present with your children and family, and build healthy relationships based on your values and goals. Call now to make an appointment or schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to learn if therapy is right for you.

parenting workshops

Want to learn strategies for dealing with your teen's intense emotions, but feeling like you can't commit to weekly sessions?

Looking for extra support and guidance while your teen is in treatment?

Our intensive parenting workshops are a great option to learn some new tools and strategies to help you respond to your teen's emotions and behaviors, stay calm and in control, and build warmer relationships with your teen. Sign up below!

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