Self-Care for the Holidays

Holidays are a difficult time of year for many different reasons. You might have an interpersonally challenging family who drains you to the core if you spend more than one hour with them. Maybe your holiday get-togethers are filled with passive aggressive conflict that bubbles up to the surface the more time you spend in a room together. Perhaps you would rather spend your holidays at home, alone or with your partner, and yet feel racked with guilt of what you “should” be doing with your holidays. Whether your holiday triggers emotionally dysregulating memories, childhood trauma, or just plain stress, self-care is an important part of getting through the holiday season.

Learning to Live With Anxiety - Part Three: How to Approach With Control

You’ve decided that this is a situation where avoiding your anxiety is going to make things worse. You need to tackle the problem in front of you and face it head on—how do you do this while managing the overwhelming panic and worst case scenarios. Let’s walk through some options together.